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    Be Braini. Live Well.

    Improve memory, focus and concentration with our clinically tested formula.*

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    Exclusive Ingredients. Extraordinary Results.

    Our exclusive proprietary blend of ingredients derived from nature enhances your brain performance like never before.

    Braini ingredients benefits
    • Peptylin®

      A proven winner. This silk protein peptides from silk moth cocoon fibers, improves memory, focus and executive function, as seen in 12 published clinical trials.*

    • NeurXcel

      Exclusive to Braini, this plant-based omega 3-6-9 is the richest known source of SDA and GLA. Supports a healthy mood, fluid intelligence, brain integrity, and anti-inflammatory response post exercise.*

    • Wild Canadian Blueberry

      Wild grown is way better than cultivated. The science proves it. Increases natural antioxidant activity. Supports healthy cognition and improved neural & synaptic efficiency.*

    It’s a Brain Changer

    In the best ways possible, naturally.

    • Focus*


      Laser sharp focus for the ultimate mental edge.*

    • Memory*


      Forget about forgetting things. You’ll have memorable memory.*

    • Performance*


      Mental stamina so you can multitask like a boss.*

    • Safety*


      No stimulants, no dependence, no crash. Yes, please.*

    • Alertness*


      Wake up refreshed and alert. Sayonara snooze button!*

    • Vitality*


      Increased energy for mental and physical gains.*

    Results Guaranteed

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    Great Minds Think Alike

    • Things come automatically to me again

      Stanley, 65

    • Now I don't have to worry about losing my cognitive skills as I get older

      Sandra, 73

    • I've gotten sharper, more accurate and I have quicker reaction times

      Luke, 27

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    • Clinically tested

    • Ingredients found in nature

    • Stimulant & caffeine free

    • Verifiable results

    • Non-GMO & gluten free

    • 100% traceable ingredients

    • FDA issued NDIN safety number

    • May not be clinically tested

    • May contain stimulants and/or caffeine

    • May contain synthetic ingredients

    • Lack of transparency on results

    • May have GMOs and contain gluten

    • Ingredients may not be traceable

    • May not have FDA NDIN safety number

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