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    BrainXcel is formulated to complement Braini's core active ingredients, Peptylin®, NeurXcel®, and Wild Canadian Blueberries, with safe, recognized, clinically-proven plant-based extracts and well-studied vitamins shown to support memory and overall brain health.*

    Raise your cognitive function in 30 days

    Includes 2 Free Brain Power Tests ($160 value)

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      Take the online Brain Power Test with your first purchase

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      Take Braini every day for 30 days

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      Take the second Brain Power Test and see your improvement

    • MEMORY*


      Forget about forgetting things. You’ll have memorable memory.*

    • FOCUS*


      Laser sharp focus for the ultimate mental edge.*

    • LEARN*


      Better concentration so you can be a learning machine. *

    • PERFORM*


      Increased energy for mental & physical gains.*

    Packed with Brain-Boosting Ingredients

    • Gingko

      Gingko is traditionally used to support memory and cognitive performance in healthy adults.* It supports increased blood flow to the brain in healthy adults*

    Stay on top of your brain game.

    • Work

      BrainXcel is clinically shown to enhance executive function, which helps with multitasking, and tracking and responding to instructions. That can certainly come in handy during long meetings or when you’re working from home with lots of distractions.*

    • Memory

      Additional clinically proven ingredients are shown to help support memory, cognitive performance and increased blood flow to the brain in healthy adults,* so you can focus on what matters most.

    • Sports

      BrainXcel helps enhance reaction time and psychomotor speed, which supports faster reflexes and better hand-eye coordination.*


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