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Braini Capsules

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Want to improve your memory, focus and brain function for as little as $2.33 a day? Braini's patented and thoroughly tested formula uses amazing ingredients from around the world to improve your brain's function!

✅ Remember names, faces, and where you put your keys!
✅ Tune out distractions so you can get more done!
✅ Think faster and perform better!
✅ Boost your energy WITHOUT the caffeine jitters!
✅ 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Remember people's names, and where you put your keys!


Tune out distractions and get things done!


Retain what you've learned and put it to use!


Do more than you thought possible!


Yes. Braini® is made from ingredients found in nature that have been reviewed by the FDA and recognized either under Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) or New Dietary Ingredient Notification (NDIN) guidelines. Further, the Braini® formulation itself has been reviewed by the FDA under NDIN guidelines and received a letter of no objection and registration #1137. The ingredients in Braini® have strong clinical science backing based on numerous human clinical trials showing safety and benefits supporting healthy brain function.* So don’t worry, Be Braini.

Yes to all above.

No. You can rest easy, there are no added stimulants, like caffeine in Braini®.

Yes, our capsules are carrageenan free.

Presently there are two Braini formulations: Braini® and BrainiLex. Both products come in vegetarian capsules or in a bulk powder format. The bulk powder format supplies a balanced daily intake of plant-based omega-3-6-9 fatty acids.* 

Braini® is for all people ages 8 and up to support healthy brain function.* BrainiLex has added plant-based omega-3 DHA and chelated zinc glycinate for extra support in reading, writing and concentration.*

You may not notice anything overt since Braini® acts slowly and cumulatively over time when taken daily as directed to support your brain’s healthy functioning.* However, it is common for people who start taking Braini® to notice beneficial impacts within the first 2-3 weeks on things like mental focus, concentration, alertness upon waking up, capacity to multitask, cognitive flexibility, and mood/outlook.* Don’t expect a drug-like (ie nootropic) effect because that’s not how Braini® works. Instead, pay attention to slower more cumulative changes in how well you perform common daily tasks. Transparency is important to us, so if you want proof that your Braini product is working, take the 30-Day Challenge by purchasing The Brain Powered Test developed by CNS Vital Signs BEFORE you start taking your Braini product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Ellen Beaman

Didn't really notice any change in cognitive functions or memory. And it makes me breath smell weird for a few hours.

Anne Key


Tom LaRocca
Hard to tell

Been on Braini for 2 months- hard to tell the difference yet

Kevin Hare
Braini Toot !!

Work in progress . Thank you!

Dominic Taverniti
Seeing great improvements in memory recall and focus

After taking Braini capsules for about 7 days, I started noticing my memory recall improving. You know the two factor authentication codes that get text or emailed to you when logging into a site? Previously I'd look back and forth at the code when typing it out. Now I glance at it once and it just sticks in my mind. Pretty amazing. And my improved focus is paying off in a big way professionally. I switch tasks, projects and between client work frequently. After taking Braini, I'm finding it significantly easier to switch activities and immediately dig deep into tasks at hand without breaking focus. I wish I had found Braini sooner!