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    • MEMORY*


      Forget about forgetting things. You’ll have memorable memory.*

    • FOCUS*


      Laser sharp focus for the ultimate mental edge.*

    • LEARN*


      Better concentration so you can be a learning machine. *

    • PERFORM*


      Increased energy for mental & physical gains.*

    Everything that’s included

    2 Neurocognitive Online Tests

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    When you buy your 30-day supply of Braini capsules as part of a bundle, you will receive two 2 cognitive tests and personalized test reports for free ($160 value). So go ahead… be your best self and make every second count. Available only on first purchase.

    Raise your cognitive function in 30 days

    Includes 2 Free Brain Power Tests ($160 value)

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      Take the online Brain Power Test with your first purchase

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      Take Braini every day for 30 days

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      Take the second Brain Power Test and see your improvement

    Naturally Powerful

    The Braini formula is clinically shown to increase executive function, which helps with concentration and multitasking.*

    • Peptylin®

      Exclusive to Braini

      Pure silk protein peptides from silk moth cocoon fibers. Improves memory, focus, and executive function.*

      Traditionally used in Asian cultures for centuries to boost vitality and general wellness.

      An innovative team in South Korea began investigating the special properties of silk cocoon peptides over 20 years ago. They successfully innovated a natural enzymatic process to extract the active peptides from silk cocoon proteins and patented their work.

      The team successfully conducted randomized double-blind clinical trials that proved peptylin enhances brain performance. In a randomized double-blind placebo controlled trial 18-30 year olds improved executive function on average 7.8% over the placebo.*

      Supports neurotransmitter efficiency, reduces oxidative stress to neurons, protects and promotes synapse formation.

    • NeurXcel

      Exclusive to Braini

      The richest available plant-based omega-3-6-9 from a certified non-GMO source.

      Supports a healthy mood, fluid intelligence, brain integrity and anti-inflammatory response.

      A key 2017 university report showed that omega fatty acid SDA drives fluid intelligence in healthy seniors.

      NeurXcel is the richest dietary source of SDA.

      Human neural cell studies show that NeurXcel synergizes the cell-protective effects of Peptylin as much as 20-30%.

      Every lot is traceable to the UK farms from which the oilseed was grown.

    • Wild Canadian Blueberry

      Increases natural antioxidant activity. Supports healthy cognition and improved neural & synaptic efficiency.

      Richer anthocyanin and polyphenol content than domesticated blueberries.

      Polyphenols from blueberries have been shown to protect neural cells from pro-oxidative threats.

      Braini is the only natural nutraceutical supplement in the USA to use only wild-sourced Canadian blueberries for improved full-spectrum polyphenol and anthocyanin levels.

    Stay on Top of Your Brain Game

    • Work

      Braini is clinically shown to enhance executive function, which helps with multitasking, tracking, and responding to instructions. That can certainly come in handy during long meetings or when you’re working from home with lots of distractions.*

    • Education

      Learning and studying requires cognitive flexibility, which is the ability to concentrate, plan, schedule, switch tasks, and control impulses. Braini can help with that.*

    • Sports

      Braini helps enhance reaction time and psychomotor speed, which allows faster reflexes and better hand-eye coordination.*

    Free 30 Day Braini Challenge (Two Brain Power Tests)

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