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Our Partner 'CNS Vital Signs' has administered over 13 million tests and is used by thousands of physicians worldwide.

Find out how your results compare to what your "Brain Age" really is.

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The Brain Powered Test is administered by CNS Vital Signs, not Braini. CNS Vital Signs has administered over 13 million tests since 2005, with their tests used by thousands of physicians and researchers worldwide.

Dr. Brenda Draper

Observing Physician for the 30 Day Braini Challenge. For any questions or concerns regarding the 30 Day Braini Challenge, emailsupport@brainpowertest.com.


You will measure your

Psychomotor Speed
How powerful is your brain at perceiving and responding to information?

Reaction Time
How quickly does your brain react to both simple and complex sets of directions?

Cognitive Flexibility
How effective is your brain at adapting to changing and manipulated information?

Processing Speed
How efficiently does your brain perform simple movements to produce results?

Motor Speed
Ability to perform simple movements to produce a manual action/goal.

Executive Function
How skilled is your brain at spotting rules and categories, and managing rapid decision making?

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