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We’ve got to be honest. Five years ago it wasn’t about helping the whole world….

It was about helping our sons.

We began our research seeking answers in the natural world that would bring life changing results to our children with neurological disorders, attention problems, autism and dyslexia. Not that supplements are allowed to benefit diseases. We just wanted to help them. 

But before we get in to all that... here's a little bit about us.

Joined by purpose in life and cause.

We are business partners, dedicated parents, entrepreneurs, dreamers willing to fight for our children.

Troy Ball


Vanderbilt University

- Serial Entrepreneur

- First female whiskey founder   

- First female brain supplement founder  

- Author

- 2 Patents

- 3 decades of special needs balanced care

Marcus Goddard, PhD, MBA


Queens, UNB, Duke

- Chemical Engineer

- Product development  

- Patent developer 

- Process engineer

- 2 Patents

-  clinical trial management 

Meet Troy

Founder of Braini

Be the best version of yourself

 Our mission is to bring to market products that are   honest, truthful and scientifically validated, to help   improve your mind, your spirit, and your day.

 So you can be your best you.

 So you can Be Braini.

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