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Braini Searched the World to Change Yours

And we are committed to continuing our scientific work, collaborating with scientists all over the world to create more products that elevate people's lives.

The Brains Behind Braini

Troy Ball


A graduate of Vanderbilt University, a mother of three sons, two with special needs, an author, the first female whiskey maker in America and a lifelong entrepreneur. She founded Braini, LLC a neurocognitive supplement company in 2017 after decades of focus and education on brain and health issues acquired while caring for her sons.


Marcus Goddard, PhD, MBA


Dr. Marcus Goddard’s chemical engineering career focused on developing products and processes from research to commercialization. Committed to life-long learning and new product development, Marcus is excited to be part of the Braini team in their efforts to bring a significant natural brain health formulation to market.

Mark Shapiro, PhD, MBA


Mark is a partner of Pharma Initiatives, Raleigh, NC a management consulting firm in drug research and development. Dr. Shapiro provides statistical research and analysis services to Braini for our clinical trials.

Meet Troy

Founder of Braini


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 Our mission is to bring to market products that are   honest, truthful and scientifically validated, to help   improve your mind, your spirit, and your day.

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