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It's safe.  It's powerful.  It's a no brainer.

No other supplement in the world features our proprietary blend of ingredients found in nature.


Pure silk protein peptides from silk moth cocoon fibers. 

Improves memory, focus, and executive function as seen in 12 published clinical trials.*


Exclusive to Braini, this plant-based omega 3-6-9 is the richest known source of SDA and GLA. 

Supports a healthy mood, fluid intelligence, brain integrity, and anti-inflammatory response post exercise.*

Wild Canadian Blueberry

Wild grown is way better than cultivated. The science proves it. 

Increases natural antioxidant activity. Supports healthy cognition and improved neural and synaptic efficiency.*

Our Exclusive Ingredients

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The Science Behind Braini®

Clinical Trial 1


University of North Carolina Asheville


31, 18-30 year olds


Randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled—the “gold standard” in studies, using CNS Vital Signs neurocognitive testing platform


The Braini formulation was found to improve executive function scores with statistical significance achieved (p=.02). On average there was a 7.8% increase in Executive Function scores after thirty days of taking two Braini capsules a day.

Also, the researchers found that subjects taking Braini experienced significantly improved CNS correct response shifting attention reaction time (SAT-RT) vs placebo by an average 1/10th of a second (p=.007). Researchers consider a p-value of less than .05 to be significant.

Executive Function measures “how well a subject recognizes rules, categories, and manages or navigates rapid decision making.” It relates to one’s “ability to sequence tasks and manage multiple tasks simultaneously as well as tracking and responding to a set of instructions.”

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