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 Braini Product Facts

o What is Braini® and what is it made from?

Braini® is a new dietary supplement that has shown remarkable results in supporting cognitive performance without the use of stimulants or synthetic nootropics.* Braini is instead rooted in a purified form of a natural, traditionally-used Asian silk cocoon protein (Peptylin®) coupled with a novel plant-based omega-rich fatty acid source (NeurXcel™) and wild Canadian blueberries. Each individual active ingredient in Braini has significant published research (to learn more contact for neurological and cognitive function support.* No dietary supplement in the world captures the unique synergies of Braini until now! Get ready to become the best version of yourself.

o Does taking Braini® as directed cause any side-effects?

No negative side-effects or adverse events have been reported related to taking Braini®. We do recommend that when you start taking Braini®, not to confound things by consuming excessive caffeinated beverages or alcoholic beverages. If you experience any adverse effects attributable to taking Braini®, please discontinue use and consult with your healthcare provider.

o How will I know Braini® is working? What are the typical expected benefits?

You may not notice anything overt since Braini® acts slowly and cumulatively over time when taken daily as directed to support your brain’s healthy functioning.* However, it is common for people who start taking Braini® to notice beneficial impacts within the first 2-3 weeks on things like mental focus, concentration, alertness upon waking up, capacity to multitask, cognitive flexibility, and mood/outlook.* Don’t expect a drug-like (ie nootropic) effect because that’s not how Braini® works. Instead, pay attention to slower more cumulative changes in how well you perform common daily tasks. Transparency is important to us, so if you want proof that Braini® is working, take the 30 Day Braini® Challenge by purchasing The Brain Powered Test developed by CNS Vital Signs BEFORE you start taking Braini®.

o How long before I may notice any benefits?

See above. Most people start noticing subtle positive differences within 2 weeks of taking Braini® each day as directed. The people around you may start noticing changes in you, too.

o If I stop taking Braini® how long will the benefits last?

It is believed that Braini® works by helping the brain build new synapses (neural pathways) and protect against pro-inflammatory stressors. These neural structures will continue to function optimally as long as they receive neuroprotective support from Peptylin®.* If you stop taking Braini®, you can expect the results to last 30-60 days. In our physicians observational trials we have seen cognitive test scores start to decline after being off Braini® for 30 days or more. So keep taking Braini® if you want to stay on top of your brain game.

o Is Braini® safe? What is Braini’s status with FDA?

Yes. Braini® is made from ingredients found in nature that have been reviewed by the FDA and recognized either under Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) or New Dietary Ingredient Notification (NDIN) guidelines. Further, Braini® itself has been reviewed by the FDA under NDIN guidelines and received a letter of no objection and registration #1137. The ingredients in Braini® have strong clinical science backing based on numerous human clinical trials showing safety and benefits supporting healthy brain function.* So don’t worry, Be Braini®.

o Do all people respond the same to Braini®?

Just as each individual person is different, Braini® works differently for everyone. For some people taking Braini®, they can experience increased executive function, while others might see improvement in areas like psychomotor speed, reaction time, motor speed, cognitive flexibility or processing speed. Only Executive function has been clinically validated in a trial, however more research is underway. It is important to note that all people are different and can see changes in different areas.

o Will all people benefit from Braini®?-

Most likely, all people’s brains will benefit from taking Braini® as directed. Occasionally we see someone who does not respond to the Braini® formulation. This could happen with prescription drug interactions, lifestyle choices, or other unknown causes. Braini® wants to know if our products will give you benefits, so please consider taking the 30 Day Braini® Challenge, so you can see for yourself!

o Can I get a refund if Braini® doesn’t work for me?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with Braini® for any reason, we will honor a refund of your product purchase price (not shipping) if you notify us by writing with a copy of your receipt attached and within 40 days of purchase that you are dissatisfied with your product. Refunding your purchase price is the limit of our financial obligation if you are unsatisfied with your Braini® product.

o Is Braini® gluten free? Is this allergen-free? Is this nut-free?

Yes to all above.

o Are Braini® capsules carrageenan free?

Yes, our capsules are carrageenan free.

o Will this keep me up at night?

No. You can rest easy, there are no added stimulants, like caffeine in Braini®. Braini® is different! Braini® provides a synergistic combination of natural protein peptides, plant-based omegas, and potent blueberry polyphenols and antioxidants that work together to support and protect your brain’s healthy functioning*, without any added stimulants or sugar. No jitters. No crash. Yes, please

o Are there any stimulants in Braini®? Like Caffeine

No. See above.

o Does Braini® have a shelf life? Does it require refrigeration after opening?

A bottle of capsules or a tub of powder gives a 30-day supply. We recommend consuming your Braini® as directed every day within 90 days of receipt. You will notice on your Braini® package that it has a recommended Best If Used By date of 18 months from the date of manufacture. Braini® does not require refrigeration after opening but please keep it stored in a cool, dark place out of reach from children. You can also refrigerate it if you prefer.

o Where is Braini® manufactured?

All Braini® products are manufactured in Western North Carolina USA, where Braini LLC is headquartered. Braini’s active ingredient Peptylin® is manufactured in South Korea under exclusive license from Famenity Co Ltd of Korea. Braini’s active ingredient NeurXcel™ is manufactured in the USA from an omega-3-6-9 rich plant-based dietary oil manufactured in PEI Canada. Braini’s active blueberry powder is manufactured in Quebec Canada from wild-harvested Canadian blueberries. We literally searched the world so we could change yours! 

 30 Day Braini Challenge FAQ

o How does the 30 Day Challenge work?

If you have not taken any memory-related pharmaceuticals or other cognitive support supplements for at least 90 days and you are a healthy adult, you are eligible to take the 30-Day Braini® Challenge BEFORE you have started taking Braini®. You simply purchase your first bottle of Braini®, add The Brain Powered test developed by CNS Vital signs to your cart, and then follow the instructions to take the test (which is emailed to you). BEFORE receiving your first bottle of Braini®, you must take your first online test to establish your “baseline”. It’s secure and confidential. It’s easy to do from any laptop or computer with a keyboard — but cannot be done from a smartphone or tablet. It takes only about 15 minutes of uninterrupted time. Then you start taking Braini® as directed for 30 days. You will receive an email reminder towards the end of the 30 day trial period to set aside time for your follow-up test. Within 72 hours of completing your first 30 days of taking Braini®, you will take another secure and confidential test. After taking the 2nd test, you will receive a private report by email showing your changes in key cognitive performance outcome measures. If you have not improved in at least 1 of 6 outcome measures, Braini® will refund the cost of your Braini® product minus shipping.

o What if one or more of my scores goes down?

Don’t worry, it occasionally happens. There’s most likely no reason to be alarmed. The cognitive performance benefits from Braini® and BrainiLex™ are cumulative. Many factors in your environment, lifestyle, and diet and/or prescription medications can affect how you perform on your Day 30 test vs your Day 0 test. Notably, if you are already a high-performing individual with scores above 110, it is more likely that some of your scores may hover closer to the top end of age-group normed outcome measures captured by the Brain Power Test, and thus some of your scores may go down. This is normal. We are confident that by taking Braini® or BrainiLex™ as directed, you will experience some improvement.

o How does the money back guarantee work?

To take advantage of the money-back guarantee, a person would need to participate in the 30-Day Braini challenge by purchasing the Brain Powered Test™ at the time of their first purchase of Braini or BrainiLex.

Braini LLC guarantees the purchaser will see an improvement on at least one (1) of the (6) domains of the Brain Powered Test. If the purchaser does not have an improvement on at least one (1) domain score, we are happy to provide a refund of their purchase price. This includes the purchase price of the supplement, less the cost of the Brain Powered Test, shipping and handling.

To request a refund, please contact Braini at and provide (i) copies of your Brain Powered Test results (both your Baseline Assessment and 30-Day Assessment) and (ii) your order number. We will review your submission and confirm your eligibility for the money-back guarantee. if everything checks out, a refund will be provided to your original form of payment within thirty (30) days.

o What is Executive Function?

Executive function is the ability to sequence tasks and manage multiple tasks simultaneously as well as tracking and responding to a set of instructions. Executive function is the skill we use when planning, organizing, and problem solving. It is something we use in our everyday life.

 Ingredient FAQ

o What is Peptylin®?

Peptylin® is a key active ingredient in Braini®. Peptylin® is a pure silk protein peptide extracted from cocoons left behind by Bombyx mori silk moths after they become adult moths. Used for centuries in traditional Asian cultures as a food ingredient supporting “chi” energy, vitality, and immune function* and added directly into soups and broths, for example. Peptylin® is the enzymatically purified protein peptide complex extracted from these cocoons. Available for the first time in North America and exclusively in Braini® products, Peptylin® is backed bypublished human clinical trials demonstrating safety and effectiveness for improving memory and cognitive performance.* Peptylin® is licensed from the exclusive worldwide producer of this amazing natural ingredient, Famenity Co Ltd of Korea. Each batch of Peptylin® is traceable to its direct manufacturing source in Korea.

o What is NeurXcel™?

 NeurXcel™ is a micro-encapsulated powder form of the richest-available plant-based omega fatty acids derived from seeds of the plant Buglossoides arvensis. Uniquely rich in the combined omega-3-6-9 fatty acids ALA, SDA, and GLA, NeurXcel™ has been proven in human clinical studies to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response and to provide a rich substrate of precursor omega fatty acids supporting healthy brain function.* In in vitro (cell line) challenge models combining Peptylin® and NeurXcel™, the neural cell protective function of Peptylin® alone was enhanced significantly (up to 30%) when combined with NeurXcel™ and blueberry. NeurXcel™ is an optimally balanced “multi-omega” entirely from a plant source! Pretty incredible.

 Taking Braini® FAQ

o When should I take Braini®?

You can take Braini® in the morning, at lunch, or in the evening. The point is to take it regularly as directed each day. Some people take their full daily intake of Braini® in the mornings. Say goodbye to the wrong side of the bed–be prepared to wake up fresh and alert, especially if you are practicing good sleep habits.

o Do I take Braini® with food?

You may take Braini® with food, but we recommend taking with water, dairy milk, plant-based milk or non-citrus juice like apple, peach, or mango. Whatever floats your Braini® boat.

o Why is the powder off-white? What are the little purple flecks?

Braini® has no added colors. The color you see is the natural color of the combined ingredients. The little purple flecks are from dehydrated wild Canadian blueberry extract.

o Should I double my daily amount if I miss a day?

You may double the dose after a missed day. We do not recommend tripling the daily intake or higher. If you miss more than 2 days, just resume taking the regular recommended daily intake.

o Does Braini® interact with other drugs I am taking?-

Please consult with your physician if you have particular concerns about drug interactions. In general, the ingredients in Braini® are not contra-indicated with prescription medications.

o Who do I contact if I have an issue?

Contact us by email at

o Is Braini® suitable for all ages?

Yes, starting at age 8. We recommend not giving Braini® capsules to young children or seniors who may have difficulty swallowing them. Instead we recommend using the bulk Braini® or BrainiLex™ powder form and mixing it as directed into water, dairy milk, plant-based milk, or non-citrus juice like apple, peach, or mango. Being Braini® can taste delicious!

o Why should I keep taking Braini®?

In today’s world full of non-stop brain stimuli, multi-tasking, and environmental challenges, our brains work overtime to keep up — not only processing every reaction, sight, smell, taste, and breath we take in 24/7, but also keeping our entire immune and physiological systems working optimally. But it’s not only about supplying oxygen, sugars, and proteins from food via the bloodstream to our brains. It’s also about mitigating the effects of constant stress, environmental toxins, and workloads that in many peoples’ lives occupy almost every waking hour. Braini’s unique patent-pending formulation of active ingredients works best by taking it as directed each day, to stay in sync with the ongoing oxidative and pro-inflammatory challenges your brain experiences in modern life.* By continuing to take Braini® you will maintain brain benefits, allowing you to be your best you, so you can focus on what matters most in your life.*

o How will I know which Braini® product to take?

Presently there are two Braini® formulations: Braini® and BrainiLex™. Both products come in vegetarian capsules or in a bulk powder format. The bulk powder format supplies a balanced daily intake of plant-based omega-3-6-9 fatty acids.*

Braini® is for all people ages 8 and up to support healthy brain function.* BrainiLex™ has added plant-based omega-3 DHA and chelated zinc glycinate for extra support in reading, writing and concentration.*

o Why should I take BrainiLex™ instead of Braini®?

If you have experienced reading, writing, or learning differences, or challenges in complex multi-tasking, completing complex tasks, or filling out complex forms, consider trying BrainiLex™. BrainiLex™ has a higher plant-based omega content plus chelated zinc.

o How can I use the Braini® or BrainiLex™ powders?

Braini® powders have a very mild, mellow taste with a slight hint of blueberry. Try mixing it in foods as well as beverages. Think about adding Braini® powder to yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, cereal, smoothies, lattes, hot chocolate, coffee, or even milk shakes. Be creative while you’re being Braini®.

Shipping FAQ

o How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charges are dependent on where you live. We do not mark-up any shipping charges to you.

o What countries do you ship to?

 Currently Braini® only ships to the USA.

o Is it possible to pause my subscription?

 If you need to pause your subscription for any reason you can manage your subscription through our website by logging into your account (the person icon by the blue “Shop now” button) and navigate to the “My Subscription” page. From there you can manage your subscription’s delivery date and frequency.

If you are having difficulty accessing your account email with your request to pause your subscription and the date you would like it to be adjusted to.

o How can I make a return?

 If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please contact customer service prior to sending any product back for a return, replacement, or exchange:

With your request, please include some additional feedback regarding the item so we fully understand why it wasn’t a fit for you. Your experience and privacy are important to us!

If support is not contacted you may delay the time it takes for you to receive your refund. Once support has received your returns request a returns label will be issued.

Initial shipping charges are non-refundable. Shipping fees for returns and exchanges are the responsibility of the customer.

Once a return has been received we will be able to process the refund for your order.

o I need to cancel my order!

One time purchase:

Once an order has been placed we are unable to cancel that order. Please contact


Your orders are automatically renewed as long as your Subscription is active. If you do not wish to receive an order, you must cancel your Subscription no later than the Thursday at midnight (EST) before the Billing Date. Your billing date will be the same day each month. So if you placed your order on the 12th of the month, your subscription will renew on the 12th of the next month.

You have the freedom to cancel your Subscription at any time by contacting our customer service at

If you cancel your Subscription following or on the Billing Date, this cancellation will be effective for the next billing period and you will receive that monthly order.

Benefits of Braini®

o What's the advantage of subscribing versus one-time purchase?

Being a Braini subscriber is like getting a gym membership for your brain. Each month a discounted bottle or jar of Braini is delivered to you. It is good for your brain and your wallet. It’s really a no-brainer.

o Will this make me anxious?

There are no anxiety-inducing or nootropic substances in Braini®, so taking Braini® daily as directed should not have any impact on your baseline anxiety levels.

o Could Braini® help my ability to focus?

Yes potentially. Here’s some good news for our decreasing attention span: Braini® has shown in a controlled university-based clinical trial to benefit shifting attention ability skills in a population of healthy adults ages 18-30 years old*, but if you are experiencing any diagnosable attention deficit disease or disorder, please consult a physician before taking Braini® or BrainiLex™.

o Could Braini® help my memory?

Here’s some memorable memory info: In double blind controlled human clinical trials, Braini® has been shown to improve a key cognitive performance outcome measure, Executive Function, in healthy adults ages 18-30*. The shifting attention test is used to determine the executive function score. This test requires that a person remember multiple sets of instructions and quickly respond with accuracy. If you feel that you may have any diagnosable memory condition, please consult your physician before taking Braini® or BrainiLex™.

o Could Braini® improve my sleep?

Yes potentially, although if you are experiencing insomnia or any diagnosable sleep disorder, you should consult your physician before taking Braini® or BrainiLex™.

o Could Braini® reduce work related stress?

Braini® could potentially improve your response to work-related stress, but unfortunately not the cause. You’ll have to talk to your boss about that. In some cases, people taking Braini® as directed for >30 days have reported that they are better able to attend to paperwork, and they feel like they focus better, making their work easier*.


o What happens if my dog or pet eats Braini®?

Braini’s ingredients are safe to consume in mammalian physiology, but also are not attractive in any way to pets. (Have you ever seen a dog eat blueberries?) We only recommend that you monitor your pet’s behavior over the first 6-12 hours after accidentally consuming Braini®. If you see any abnormal behavior, then of course contact your veterinarian. If your dog eats Braini® and starts doing higher math, let us know! (Just kidding.)

About Us

o Who is the founder behind this company? Why did she start it?

Braini’s founder and CEO is Troylyn Ball, a relocated Texan, author, motivational speaker, and founder of Troy & Sons Distillery. She lives near Asheville, NC with her husband Charlie and three adult sons Marshall, Coulton and Luke. Her sons Marshall and Coulton were born with an undiagnosed neurological disorder that caused them to be paraplegic, small in stature, and requiring 24/7 nursing care. Initially told that their sons would not survive childhood, Marshall and Coulton are both living in their 30’s and improving noticeably into adulthood. Troy founded Braini LLC because she wants people to experience directly the benefits of taking a natural and holistic, science-backed brain supplement that will benefit one’s ability to live fully no matter the challenges. Supporting our brains can make profoundly positive differences. She and her family are living proof of this every day.

o What are Braini's core values?

 Safety, authenticity, science, and heart connection. We all face a more complicated set of challenges in our health, our communities, and our world. We need our brains to function optimally to help us navigate each waking (and sleeping) moment. Braini® is a simple choice to love your brain so you can love what you do and who you love more.

o Why should I trust Braini®?

 Braini’s active ingredients are backed by years of peer-reviewed published science and by controlled human clinical trials demonstrating safety and efficacy supporting healthy cognitive performance and brain function.* Braini’s ingredients all derive directly from natural foods, not synthesized chemicals. Braini’s ingredients are fully traceable to their manufacturing origins in Korea, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Braini LLC was founded by Troylyn Ball, an American mother of two adult children with complex undiagnosed neurological disorders. She has assembled a team of global nutraceutical researchers and medical practitioners, sponsored independent university human clinical trials, and co-developed a formulation that has given her family great hope. Not only for supporting her sons’ brain health over time, but that of millions of families seeking a healthy brain and related learning support.*

o What makes this company special?

In order to bring forward the first clinically-proven all-natural and safe dietary supplement supporting cognitive performance and executive function* that is also backed by a validated self-test and guarantee, Braini LLC first researched over 150 ingredients on the basis of their safety and clinical efficacy on the basis of peer-reviewed published science. Next we ran in vitro neural cell challenge tests on the most promising candidates. While there are many natural ingredients with limited evidence of support for memory, cognition, and brain function, there were only a few that showed a synergistic effect and could be deemed novel in the North American market. So from literally combing the planet for the best, most well-researched natural ingredients to backing Braini’s safety and efficacy with multiple controlled human clinical trials, to offering Braini® in convenient and great-tasting family-friendly formats, we believe that Braini® truly will make a difference in the lives of millions of people seeking brain health support and cognitive improvement. Few companies combine this degree of clinical science in an all-natural stimulant-free product backed by a guarantee you can prove to yourself.

o Why does Braini® cost so much? Do you offer any discounts?

Braini’s cost is a direct reflection of the exclusive, premium-quality ingredients that we have formulated and then validated through extensive, costly human clinical studies. Your brain is worth it! Even so, your daily Braini® intake works out to cost less per day than a typical coffee drink. To get the best overall Braini® pricing, sign up to receive your ongoing Braini® monthly supply at your doorstep and get up to a 30% discount vs regular Braini® pricing. More brain for your buck!

o How do I know the company is legitimate? Who is the scientific and medical team behind Braini®?

Troy Ball has built Braini LLC by assembling a team of passionate industry experts in natural products research, formulation, manufacturing, branding, marketing, and distribution. Her advisory board includes eminent globally-recognized lipids researchers and influential integrative medical doctors with a deep understanding both of neurophysiology and neuropathology, who are at the cutting edge of the rapidly-evolving field of cognitive wellness.

These include:

Dr Keith Coupland

Dr Marc Surette

Dr Patrick Hanaway, MD

Dr Brenda McCain Draper, MD


o What is Braini's FDA regulatory status in the USA? Why do you state FDA "reviewed" instead of "approved"?

Braini®, the dietary supplement product we make and sell in the USA, was reviewed by FDA's Center for Food Safety and Nutrition. Braini LLC received a letter of no objection from FDA on February 27th, 2020 with a registration #1137 reported into FDA's New Dietary Ingredient Notification (NDIN) database. In the United States, FDA's regulation of the dietary supplement category was originally defined by Congress under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). Prior to that, all dietary supplements were regulated as food. The effect of DSHEA was to establish a detailed body of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) by which dietary supplements must be manufactured, packaged, labeled, and stored in order to comply with the law and not be considered adulterated or misbranded. These practices are codified under 21 CFR 111 and includes rules governing structure/function benefit claims that a dietary supplement product may bear on product packaging and advertising.

By the same token, FDA makes it clear that they do not "approve" dietary supplements in the same manner that FDA "approves" drugs. In essence, except for NDIN reviewed submissions, FDA does not "approve" any dietary supplements, however they do aggressively enforce compliance to GMPs and related food safety standards. Here is an excerpt from the online FDA guidance statement on their authority to regulate dietary supplements:

"A firm is responsible for determining that the dietary supplements it manufactures or distributes are safe and that any representations or claims made about them are substantiated by adequate evidence to show that they are not false or misleading. This means that dietary supplements do not need approval from FDA before they are marketed. Except in the case of a new dietary ingredient, where pre-market review for safety data and other information is required by law, a firm does not have to provide FDA with the evidence it relies on to substantiate safety or effectiveness before or after it markets its products." See:

Braini LLC followed FDA's proper procedures for providing evidence to FDA of Braini's safety and effectiveness. That is why Braini LLC received the recent letter of no objection to sell Braini® products into commerce.

o Is there a patent on Braini®?

The core Braini® active formulation is patent-pending under a US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) filing made in October 2019.

o How is Braini® clinically proven?

In two randomized double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trials conducted in 2019-2020 at the University of North Carolina Asheville, one in healthy young adults and one in healthy seniors, subjects took either the Braini® supplement or placebo as directed for 28 days. Prof. Amy Lanou, PhD, executive director of The North Carolina Center of Health and Wellness at UNCA, was the Principal Investigator. Dr. Patrick Hanaway, MD, co-founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, was the observing clinical trial physician.

The UNCA trials assessed subjects’ overall cognitive performance at baseline prior to starting either Braini® or placebo, and then again at 28 days, using the CNS Vital Signs computerized neuro-cognitive performance self-testing suite. After the study concluded, results were assessed independently between the active Braini® and placebo cohorts in each age group by the pharmaceutical statistical analysis firm Pharma Initiatives (Chapel Hill, NC).

Outcomes Measured — Executive Function Stands Out

Of the CNS Vital Signs outcome measures scored for each subject, scores related to Executive Function stood out. According to CNS Vital Signs, Executive Function measures “how well a subject recognizes rules, categories, and manages or navigates rapid decision making.” It relates to one’s “ability to sequence tasks and manage multiple tasks simultaneously as well as tracking and responding to a set of instructions.”

Healthy Young Adults

In healthy young adults aged 18-30, subjects taking Braini® for 28 days experienced significant improvement vs placebo in Executive Function (p=.0215). The Braini® subjects improved by an average of 7.8% over the placebo subjects. Also, the researchers found that subjects taking Braini® experienced significantly improved CNS correct response shifting attention reaction time (SAT-RT) vs placebo by an average 1/10th of a second (p=.007). Researchers consider a p-value of less than .05 to be significant.

Healthy Seniors

In a healthy high-functioning seniors group aged 55-80, taking Braini® for 28 days improved their shifting attention reaction time (SAT-RT) vs placebo and a p value of .05 was achieved, considered an indicative outcome meriting further study. The SAT-RT measure is a key component of the CNS Executive Function outcome score.

o What makes Braini® different from a nootropic?

Nootropic substances are mostly synthetic drugs or drug-like compounds like nicotine, amphetamine, and piracetam, that claim to make your brain and/or your neurophysiology work faster. Nootropic substances are frequently isolated chemical building blocks that have been found to play a role in neurotransmitter function. The theory is that by ingesting nootropic substances directly, they will metabolize and travel to the brain for useful uptake and cause your brain to function more efficiently. Nootropics are often combined with stimulants like caffeine in order to boost the sense that your brain is working faster, harder, longer, more efficiently, etc.

Braini® is different! Braini® provides a synergistic combination of natural protein peptides, plant-based omegas, and potent blueberry polyphenols and antioxidants that work together to support and protect your brain’s healthy functioning*, without any added stimulants or sugar. No jitters. No crash. Yes, please!

o Are the silk moths or any animals harmed?

No, not intentionally. Peptylin® is extracted from silk moth cocoons only after adult moths have fledged.

o How long do the silk moths live?

Only about 5-10 days after fledging.