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1) Aging, and the Brain.

Men past their 60s can face multiple problems due to cognitive decline. Aging causes changes in brain size, vasculature (blood flow), and cognition. The brain shrinks with age and changes at all levels from molecules to changes in brain morphology (sizing and shape). Braini helps to solve this problem by giving supplements to the brain and reversing brain aging by rebuilding neural pathways.

2) Dementia is more common now than ever.

For people aged between 65 and 69, around 2 in every 100 people have dementia. A person's risk then increases as they age, roughly doubling every five years. This means that, of those aged over 90, around 33 in every 100 people have dementia. Braini proves to be a hidden gem in fortifying the brain which can help reduce chances of dementia and other cognitive diseases.

Did You Know?

More than 6 million Americans age 65 and older are living with Alzheimer's in 2023. 

3) Memory, Forgetfulness, and Aging.

It's normal to forget things once in a while as we age, but serious memory problems make it hard to remember everyday things like the house keys, using the phone and finding your way home. This not only limits independence, but is a serious safety concern as well. Braini has 50 years of research, and 5+ years of experience in helping brains fight against aging, and rebuild neural connections which limits these types of issues - and in some cases can help reverse them!

Did You Know?

Hundreds of Braini users have reported better speech, memory, reflexes, and energy within 21 days of use!

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