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Memory Supplement Featured in THE DISHH

November 04, 2021 1 min read

Braini was featured in the entertainment news outlet THE DISHH, highlighting the company's patented and clinical tested brain supplements.

"...research has found that adding a memory supplement, like Braini, also plays a significant role in slowing down our cognitive age while improving our day-to-day functionality."

In "Harness The Power Of Your Brain Like Never Before" THE DISHH team notes that Braini's proprietary formulation is one of few trailed supplements shown to improve brain function with continual use. 

They also recognized the confidence that Braini has in its own products, demonstrated by offering the Brain Powered Test, a neurocognitive assessment administered by CNS Vital Signs, the leading test used by physicians and researchers worldwide.  Through 30 Day Braini Challenge, every customer can take the test once before starting Braini products and again after using the product for 30 days to see the results of taking this effective brain supplement.

Dominic Taverniti
Dominic Taverniti